Ardour 6 wont install on Ubuntu, errors

Just paid for and downloaded Ardour 6, it wont install and comes up with the errors in pic attached, any help would be gr8 thanks.

You seem to be trying to open it as a text file instead of just running the .run file in the terminal. Open your terminal where you downloaded Ardour 6 and type ./ (or whatever the name of your file is).

See Linux Install instructions

In your case:

cd ~/EMTEC\ C450/New\ folder/
sh ./

Hi, thanks for reply, i dont understand the whole terminal thing, i have moved the ardour file to my download folder, but still i cant get the file to install, this is what i have typed into terminal. thanks…
cd ~/media/johnno/downloads sh ./

two lines, press <enter> in between:

cd ~/Downloads
sh ./

Can you show the output of what happens when you run this?

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All good looks like its worked, thanks.


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