Ardour 6 update

Is ardour 6 almost ready?

As far as I am aware, you can follow any developments here:

It’s progressed from “pre-1” to “rc1”, so yes, I guess that means almost ready.
I’ve been using it since the “pre-1” version came out, and updated to to RC1 when that was announced. It’s worked fine for me, but I wasn’t doing anything very challenging with it, just some short 2 to 4 track audio recordings.
If you’re a subscriber you can always download the latest nightly build, which should be fairly stable by now.

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Hi @mrskytown

Yes, I think you should give the latest release candidate a shot. Just did a song with a recent “rc1”, and it worked out well.

The devs are most going after specific bugs. I would only think you would see a show-stopping bug at this stage if maybe you had not so common hardware or plugins. They have a bug tracker page you can see if any bugs you might run into are already known and/or being worked on.

In another thread here on the forum, Paul Davis indicated that release of 6.0 is “about a week” away. So it should be soon!

Thanks cool, i know mixbus already shipped with ardour 6.0 code so I know it’s been awhile, but it would be awesome if 6.0 is out this month.

I wish I can find out where that thread was

At your service: Unable to record on OSX Catalina

Thanks :slight_smile: can’t wait

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