Ardour 6 source code

I need ardour 6.0.0 source code
is it version stable ??

NOW I need another way

Github release tarballs are not supported by Ardour

This information applies to bundles automatically generated by

Ardour’s program version is maintained using git-tags. Compiling Ardour depends
on git describe (a full git clone is needed for this) or alternatively a
version-file in the release-dist. Github cannot provide the latter and also
does not allow to inject a version-file during export archiving.

For further information see

git clone.

Click on the Download button that’s on almost every page of this website. That has a link to “Download the source code” as .tar archive.

this is version 6.2.x
i need 6.0.0 bro

Then you’ll need to use git clone followed by git checkout 6.0

We don’t make older releases, or tarballs for older releases, available.


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