Ardour 6 slow gui performance m1

I’m using latest Mac OS on m1 running latest version of ardour 6 and the gui wis very jittery and studdery zooming in and out of audio waveforms and scrolling. I’m using non m1 version . However I tested out the mixbus 32c 8.1 m1 version and the gui was very improved and more snappy. I hope ardour releases m1 version soon, I’m also wondering why it’s been not performing well on the gui since ardour is very lightweight

There are Apple/ARM nightly builds for Ardour:

When I try to use them it says there broken

Scroll down to “Install Instructions and Notes”

The application is not digitally signed. Right-click (or control + click) and select Open the first time to launch it. See also information how to disable the gatekeeper.

On BigSur (and later), after download the application has to be released from quarantine. In a Terminal window run

xattr -rd ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg

Otherwise apple will show it as “corrupt”.

PS. Another option is to download it from the commandline (curl), or download it using a different machine and scp/rsync the file, so it just appears on the machine as if it was created locally. macOS will not check the signature or notarization in that case.

Oh ok, I remember reading that, I don’t fee comfortable disabling anything. Sometimes I really hate how basic things can be so complicated on Mac OS. I guess mixbus signs there app.

You don’t need to disable gatekeeper really. If you use the command that @x42 gave you, that just removes the quarantine bit from the download is all. Gatekeeper still operates normally. For earlier MacOS versions just right clicking to Open was all that was needed. Really nothing disabled in either case.


right-click > open, is how you disable the gatekeeper for one application only.

an except from from the page linked above:

Disabling Gatekeeper for one application only

Using Finder

Note: This method may not work for all applications. If the application still doesn’t run after following the steps below, try following the steps described in Using Terminal instead.

  1. Open Finder and navigate to the application you just downloaded.
  2. Right-click the application and choose Open.
  3. Click Cancel in the confirmation dialog that appears. This is required since macOS Big Sur, as the dialog must now be opened twice for the Open button to appear. On macOS Catalina and older, you only have to open this dialog once.
  4. Right-click the application a second time and choose Open again.
  5. Click Open in the confirmation dialog that appears.

You only have to do this for the first application start. You can start the application as usual afterwards.


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Terminology difference there, when you say ‘disable’ to me it tends to imply will no longer work, which is not what is happening here, and isn’t even true here as it doesn’t apply per application but rather per download. I understand that is how Apple refers to it though.

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So if I need to run this after I download just open terminal and put this entire text inside??

Yep, run that after downloading by pasting into a terminal

There should a “g” a the end. The file name extension is “.dmg” not “.dm”

I edited it to be correct.

It was correct in @x42 's post above obviously.

And this won’t alter the security of my computer only lets it open etc ??

The only thing it changes is one bit. When you download the file through a web browser, Apple adds the bit to say that ‘This file needs to be quarantined because we don’t know where it came from and can’t verify it is legitimate’. This command on the other hand removes that bit. Broken down this is what the command does:

xattr -rd ~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg

xattr : a command to display and manipulate extended attributes
-rd : options passed to xattr – the ‘r’ means it should recursively search through the given directory (Or in this case the DMG) and the ‘d’ means it should remove this attribute : The name of the attribute to be modified by xattr
~/Downloads/Ardour-*.dmg : The file or directory to be modified, in this case it will match any file in your downloads directory that starts with Ardour- and ends with .dmg which pretty much lets it run on any version of Ardour you download from this site.

So it is removing the quarantine attribute from the Ardour DMG and thus allowing your computer to run it. Whether this ‘alters the security’ of your computer is something only you can decide, but I can tell you there is no digitally signed and verified by Apple version of Ardour, this is something that has to be done since Apple instituted Gatekeeper, which will be true of all software not signed in a way that Apple recognizes (So it isn’t just Ardour that has this happen). All this is doing is allowing you to run Ardour that you have downloaded.


By the way if you want to verify anything I just typed, you can do so in the terminal by typing in:

man xattr

Which will pull up the manual page for xattr. Of course you still have to trust that I am not screwing with you to type that command as well:)


Thanks for the confirmation it’s just i have my main setup but if I had a test setup I would of done this already.

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