Ardour 6 setting sample rate

Is it possible to change the sample rate (e.g., 44.1 <=> 48mhz)
when a session is open, before say, importing a wav file?
Or is it best to check the wav file specs prior to opening Ardour 6,
then change the sampling rate in the new session dialogue?

[edit] I just found some posts re setting sampling rates…for Ardour 4…should be set initially before running even a fresh new session.
So my question is does this still apply to Ardour 6 too?

Hi Leo,
As far as I have tried, yes, this applies to Ardour6 as well. The only thing I see you can do is change IO devices, buffer settings, and I think MIDI settings. Sampling rate is grey’d out.


No. The sample rate of a session is fixed when the session is created.

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