Ardour 6 Session crashes while loading graphic datas?

Hello !

I’m experiencing crashes while trying to load an existing session
It starts loading, then tells me to wait for graphic datas to load, then crashes ?
It might be due to a lot of VSTs track (well not that much but still ? 5 or 6 tracks) and i think maybe letting too much automation lines opened ? Already happened to me on a less important session so I let it flow, but I would need to get this one back. I think too I should soon update to more recent updates (I’m still on Ardour 6), but am unable for now financially to do so.
Does anyone knows if it could be due to these above or something else, and a way to get past this ?
Thank you good day !


Make a copy of your session, and download the demo version of Ardour8 and see if the problem persists in that? Sadly A6 is quite old and there have been lots of bugfixes since then.

If it is crashing of graphics data loading, it could be you need to delete the contents of the peakfiles directory, it will get regenerated when you load the session again.


Ok, thank you very much

Yep i will update ardour as soon as possible

I’ll try both I let you know how it works out
Thank you very much