Ardour 6 does not remember midi connections

I’ve using Ardour for years as an instrument host for live play. I have created an number of midi tracks, each hosting a virtual instrument, and can select which one to play using the green “enable midi” button on each track. Starting with version 6 Ardour keeps forgetting the midi connections to each track (which are all the same, an a2j connection to my midi keyboard).
With 6.1 it would forget midi connections some of the time, but with 6.2 it never remembers midi connections, I need to reset them every time I load my session. Is this a bug or has something changed with how Ardour saves midi configuration?

Check Preferences > MIDI, perhaps you have “MIDI input follows track selection” enabled?

Wow, that was a fast response… Well, I do have ““MIDI input follows track selection”” enabled.
I have now disabled that. I was not aware of this option, and actually don’t understand it, but I’m game to learn. I also see there was a table where I could select “Midi inputs”. My keyboard had not been selected, so I selected it (for “Music Data” and “Follow Selection”).
Restart Ardour … and … midi configuration is remembered! Thanks for the tip.

When it is enabled, selecting a MIDI track automatically connects its input to hardware MIDI sources (and disconnects other MIDI tracks).

Those source-ports can also be configured on that preference pane.

It is a convenient way if you have only one MIDI-keyboard and want to record to different MIDI tracks in turn. Simply point at the MIDI track to connect it.

Thanks for all the help for explaining “Midi follows track selection”, makes sense now.

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