Ardour 6 and tascam 24

I have recently purchased a tascam 24 great mixer.I am using it as my interface.I record onto the sd card,transfer the file to ardour.Works great.I would like to bring those tracks in ardour back into the mixer.Then print a two track stereo out of the mix.Problem is the manual doesnt tell me how and I’m new to ardour any help would be welcome.Thanx

You are running Linux? Assuming that the mixer has a USB audio class 2.0 compliant interface (likely), just connect the mixer to your computer with USB, and when you open the audio/midi setup window in Ardour you should see the Tascam as an interface you can select when using the ALSA backend. Should just show up as 24 inputs and 22 outputs according to what I can see on the web page. According to section 11 in the manual the main mix shows up on inputs 23/24, inputs 1-22 and outputs 1-22 map to the 22 input channels on the mixer.

Thanx that helps,im also having problems with the audio connections

You are going to have to give a lot more description that “having problems” before anyone can hope to help you. What specific kind of problems are you having?

Well i map out all of my audio connections from the daw to the tascam but i
dont seem to be able to print my stereo mix to my daw or to the tascam,im
sure its a problem with my routing

You made a new track, and connected inputs 23 and 24 to the new track?

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