Ardour 6.9 freeze/crash when importing Protools project


everytime I try to import a ProTools (latest) project Ardour 6.9 copies the audiofiles to it’s own project folder and then crashes. Is this a known problem with the latest Pro Tools version(s) or is this something else?

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It indeed depends on the PT session. Older session formats usually work, recent pro-tools is a bit of a hit and miss with Ardour 6.9.

There was a bug that has only been fixed recently (March 29, Ardour 7.0-pre0-2405) which could fix the issue you describe. Sadly it won’t help you directly since Ardour 7 is not released yet, but you could try if with a demo version of if the issue has been resolved.

If not it would be great if you could share the ptx session so that we can look into the problem (ideally at Issues · zamaudio/ptformat · GitHub).

Thank you, the nightly from today, 12.04.2022 works, at least the import. Since the project got 140 tracks or so (since every take seems to get it’s own track in ardour) playback completely freezes my pc. Even when soloing… but I guess this is another topic… anyway, import works. I’ll slim down the project now and hope it’ll work. Thanks :slight_smile:

Exporting all my tracks mysteriously worked… so i can go on in Ardour6 and / or Mixbus v7 :slight_smile:

I do not know if that is intended or expected behavior. I’ve forwarded this question to our resident expert. He may chime in here.

Mute/Solo does not affect CPU load, all tracks are always processed (you can unmute/unsolo every time, or even automate mute). The only way to lower DSP load is to deactivate tracks or busses (context menu of the track header, or mixer-header).

If you have used a debug-build of Ardour 7, that could also explain things. Those are more CPU intense.

By default Ardour does a freewheel (aka, offline, not realtime) export: Process as fast as possible, as slow as needed. Dropouts cannot happen.

And yes, stem-export and then continue in Ardour 6 or Mixbus is a good idea!
Have fun mixing!

Hi nichala, indeed we fixed a bug with PT import in 7.0-pre0, but unfortunately ptformat/ardour does not know how to distinguish PT takes from other normal tracks. Therefore they all appear as new tracks in Ardour. We may be able to fix this one day, but we will need access to a ptx file with different takes on the same track. Perhaps you can share your session as Robin suggested above at that github link so we can look into it. Thanks.

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