Ardour 6.9 apple m1

Is it only possible to get the ardour 6.9 by being a nightlies subscriber??

Correct. There is a free/demo version of most builds too, but has the usual limit of our free/demo versions (silence after 10 mins, extendible if you need it).

But I paid for ardour, is there going to be regular releases for Apple m1. Or should I just use the intel builds for now until that day comes

At this point in time you’re probably better off with the Intel build.

But you’re welcome to compare performance using the demo of the M1/ARM version.
There are still a few unresolved issues with the M1 version, apparently control-surfaces don’t work.

Thankfully I don’t use a control surface but is that one of the only major issues.
Will there be a official release for m1 one day

That is one of the larger issues that has been found and is unresolved so far. Really more testing is required still however as there could be more issues elsewhere that people haven’t found, which is part of why there hasn’t been an official release.


I understand, I have recently purchased an Apple silicon computer, it’s pretty amazing, but I knew that because it’s brand new things would be slower to happen. Not all my software is officially supported yet that’s ok for now