Ardour 6.9.0 won't start on Windows 11

Hi devs,

I tried to launch my newly installed Ardour (without WASAPI sound driver) on Windows 11 Build 22000.856 but nothing happened. I launched the executable from command line and it crashed with an error message audio-midi engine setup failed.

Trying to launch it in a freshly installed Hyper-V Windows 10 virtual machine also results in failure, but without crash log.

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Take a look at this website. There might be something there that will help you solve the problem.You can translate this website with Google.

Thanks for your reply. My audio works fine and I already checked my audio driver. The problem is Ardour never starts.

Check %localappdata%\Ardour6\CrashLog\ perhaps there is a file with pertinent information.

Also try to clear Ardour’s preferences re/move %localappdata%\Ardour6\

There is no generated report at %localappdata%\Ardour6\CrashLog\ and clearing preferences doesn’t work either.

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It’s not Ardour’s fault. For many years Microsoft has used the same background concept to launch programs from other software manufacturers.

But there are still three ways to fix this error.

1st possibility: Sometimes it happens that Ardour does not start due to external plugins used. In that case, open your project folder and move your project to another newly created folder. Now try restarting Ardour and create a new project. If the start is successful, import your previously created music files from the old project folder. Check Ardour Plugin Manager for faulty plugins and act accordingly.

2nd possibility: Remove the Ardour icon on the taskbar and open the Ardor folder C:\Program Files\Ardour6\bin. Right-click Ardour.exe. Open the properties and set the compatibility mode. After that try to start Ardour. After a successful start, create a new icon from this file.

3rd possibility: Uninstall Ardour and open regedit.exe. It’s the registry editor. There look for Ardour. Delete any Ardor registry key found in Registry Editor. After that, restart Windows. Reinstall Ardour. Do not change anything in the installation process. Ardour does everything himself.

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