Ardour 6.8 released

Ardour 6.8 is now available. We previously announced that 6.7 would be the final release for older platforms, but in the weeks since then we’ve accumulated several important bug fixes and a couple of new features. We felt better with a final “old system” release in the best possible shape it could be, and so … here we are.

For more details, please read the whole release announcement .

Download as usual from


V7 on the way !!
It’s great to see what ardour is doing lately

Hey, nice release! Keep it up.

Just an observation, I had some very old ardour sessions (2.X or 3.X) which I started to resurrect and want to refine now that I’ve got the time (life got in the way for so long, crazy!)

They open fine but I guess, some minor issues are to be expected. The most visible ones relate to sends. I understand that ardour 6 has 2 types, external and aux. I perfectly understand the diff since I’ve been using ardour 6 with newer sessions started with it. But sends from old sessions are not working. I figured it’s because the their audio ports have been wiped. So when I double click on it, the routing matrix show grey squares that are not responding to mouse clicks:

To remedy the situation, I have to turn off the “Show individual ports” option:
send dont show individual ports

Then I can add an audio port and turn on the “Show individual ports” option:

So the question is whether it is a limitation of the ardour session file conversion from 2.X to 6.8 or some underlying bug. If the latter, I can file a bug in the tracker.

Anyway, good momentum, look forward to v7 :slight_smile:

Any comment on my observation ? it would be nice to know if it is a limitation of the ardour session conversion from antiquated versions or a bug which needs to be filed in the tracker. Thanks.

Likely a missing case when converting the session. Yes, please file a bug report and ideally also attach a session that produces the issue. That’d be helpful.