Ardour 6.7 released

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Will 6.7 read files created with 4.6? I find that Ardour is a great tool and look forward to upgrading once my new system arrives. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, Ardour 6.x will read sessions from all earlier versions.
A backup is automatically created as well, just in case you want to go back to Ardour 4.

Note that there may be subtle differences when playing the session in version 6 (e.g. Ardour 6 has bus latency compensation, v4 had not).


Love the new ‘Conformity Analysis’ view after the export, wrote about that in Colours – Wolfgang Lonien

Thanks for another awesome version, team! :slight_smile: <3

On Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G9216) I crash every time I try to export

Is there a crash-report generated? (usually macOS does that by default).
Instead of clicking “send to apple” button, use “show details”, then copy and paste the output →

Does this always happen with every session? Can you try with just a simple new/empty session?

Nope just with current project the empty one exports fine

Speaking of Export… here’s a quick demo of a new feature in 6.7:

Pick the “Streaming” preset:

and you directly get loudness normalized versions for all major online platforms:

The blue lines in the waveform indicates where true-peak limiter was active.


Since you’ve already mentioned Ardour 7 dev starting point – do you want/need user input and wishes for the upcoming major release? @paul @x42

That is great, Robin, didn’t know that existed because I never looked for it. But I just cited you with this in New and cheap (or free) recording software | forum - thanks a lot, very useful IMHO :slight_smile: :heart:

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Ardour 7 will completely overhaul the internal time representation to fix various MIDI issues. This changes the session format, and hence requires a major version bump. It is already planned out and discussed elsewhere (search for nutempo).

That being said feature request are always welcome and best filed at

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Hi.I’d like just to say a big Thank You to Ardour developers for making this possible and available

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Really liking the new ACE EQ interface!

It seems that is a Mixbus plugin…

It’s one of several proprietary GUIs created by Harrison Consoles for the open source ACE-plugin collection and only available via the official binary. It’s allowed via the LV2 spec apparently…

For those who want an entirely open source binary is there a way to not install them?

Oh. Well I’ve somehow managed to enable it on all my EQs without realising it and I’m quite happy about it :slight_smile:

It will be default behavior. If anyone’s interested, to get the non-fancy GUI right click on the plugin in the processor box and choose “Edit with generic controls…”:

Yes. The installer asks.

I thought it only asked about Harrison XT plugins installation? Are the GUIs for ACE-plugins included in that question? If so, it isn’t particularly clear to the user…

Yes, they are are included in XT. On windows the question is phrased:
Harrison XT plugins and a-/ACE plugin GUIs

If you don’t want non-free ACE GUIs, you certainly don’t want to have the proprietary XT plugins…