Ardour 6.7 released

I hoped you had already done that before the release tag.

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I didn’t manage to do too much testing recently, sorry.

The 6.7 versions seems to perform a little better in the largest sessions I work in currently (> 30MB in .ardour).

However it seemed I had to rise my buffer from 2048 to 4096 to be able to have smooth audio playback, which is strange. not sure what he cause could be.

Anyway, I’m not gonna work in these sessions any more after this week, and in the future I’ll try to keep my sessions smaller and divide things more. Also export SFX elements to audio and not have a 100 Surge instancesin one session. Such huge sessions are really killing performance on all fronts making Ardour very unresponsive, at least on the hardware I have available.

I split the elements in this thread that were not really about the 6.7 release into a new thread called “The “Paywall” and related matters”. Feel free to continue discussion there.

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I’m sorry we posted at the same time, I did not meant to add to the wrong thread, move it, delete it, do what you like with it…

Will 6.7 read files created with 4.6? I find that Ardour is a great tool and look forward to upgrading once my new system arrives. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, Ardour 6.x will read sessions from all earlier versions.
A backup is automatically created as well, just in case you want to go back to Ardour 4.

Note that there may be subtle differences when playing the session in version 6 (e.g. Ardour 6 has bus latency compensation, v4 had not).


Love the new ‘Conformity Analysis’ view after the export, wrote about that in Colours – Wolfgang Lonien

Thanks for another awesome version, team! :slight_smile: <3

On Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 (18G9216) I crash every time I try to export

Is there a crash-report generated? (usually macOS does that by default).
Instead of clicking “send to apple” button, use “show details”, then copy and paste the output →

Does this always happen with every session? Can you try with just a simple new/empty session?

Nope just with current project the empty one exports fine

Speaking of Export… here’s a quick demo of a new feature in 6.7:

Pick the “Streaming” preset:

and you directly get loudness normalized versions for all major online platforms:

The blue lines in the waveform indicates where true-peak limiter was active.


Since you’ve already mentioned Ardour 7 dev starting point – do you want/need user input and wishes for the upcoming major release? @paul @x42

That is great, Robin, didn’t know that existed because I never looked for it. But I just cited you with this in New and cheap (or free) recording software | forum - thanks a lot, very useful IMHO :slight_smile: :heart:

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Ardour 7 will completely overhaul the internal time representation to fix various MIDI issues. This changes the session format, and hence requires a major version bump. It is already planned out and discussed elsewhere (search for nutempo).

That being said feature request are always welcome and best filed at

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Hi.I’d like just to say a big Thank You to Ardour developers for making this possible and available

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Really liking the new ACE EQ interface!

It seems that is a Mixbus plugin…

It’s one of several proprietary GUIs created by Harrison Consoles for the open source ACE-plugin collection and only available via the official binary. It’s allowed via the LV2 spec apparently…

For those who want an entirely open source binary is there a way to not install them?

Oh. Well I’ve somehow managed to enable it on all my EQs without realising it and I’m quite happy about it :slight_smile: