Ardour 6.6 is released

Ardour 6.6 is released. This is primarily a maintenance release, although it does include several new features, including auto-show of touched parameters, tuning possibilities and keeping track of x-runs during recording.

For more details, please read the whole release announcement .

Download as usual from


Nice release, thanks! :grinning:

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Hi Paul,many thanks for new version Ardour and best regards from Naples ( Italy) :grinning:


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Hey, many thanks from Australia :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

Currently working on my 2nd CD to be released via cdBaby. first CD ,

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Thanks for the new version, it seems like it comes with many improvements :slight_smile:
That new automation feature looks great !

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Many thanks Paul.

Are you Rick Beato’s twin? :wink:




Hah. Rick and I are about the same age, but unrelated (so far). He’s an infinitely better musician than me, but I understand the relationship between modes and scales much better than he does. Full credit to the man though, 2M YT subscribers from a channel featuring an oldish white dude rambling on about the music he listened to between 17 and 35 is very impressive!


Hi, thanks so much again for keeping on improving this software that to my opinion does almost everyting it should quit well already. One question though before I install 6.6:
After installing 6.5, I had major problems with plugin presets missing after reopening projects. This was fortunately repaired in nightly build 5.5.51, that I use up till today. I didn’t see this bug-repair in the bug fixes list of 6.6. Can you confirm all the repairs of nightly build 6.5.51 “Old Land” (rev 6.5-51-g38c3199) are adopted in 6.6. (I use quit a lot of presets;-) Se bug and fix ropert below.
Thanks and regards

Reported By: Hans Flikkema
Assigned To: x42
*====================================================================== *
Project: ardour
Issue ID: 8497
Category: bugs
Tags: lv2 saving settings plugins 6.5
Reproducibility: always
Status: closed
Resolution: fixed
*Fixed in Version: *
*====================================================================== *
Date Submitted: 2020-12-13 17:27 CET

Yes, our development process is linear.
Ardour 6.6.0 == 6.5.274 == 6.5.51 plus 223 other changes.

PS. you do not need to uninstall 6.5 when installing 6.6. You can keep both around.


p.s. my operating W10 pro always askes me to automatically uninstall previous version of Ardour when install new version. No problem, one version is more than enough;-) when necessary I just reinstall older.

Our installer does ask about uninstalling, but you are welcome to answer “No” and nothing bad will happen :slight_smile:

Aha, this explains a lot, thanks Paul (me is more musician than IT-er :wink:)
stay save, Hans

Thanks for the new Ardour version. This way of automation is even better then I could ask. Saves time

Improved ACE-Reverb? It seems it sounds better

No, there have not been any recent changes to ACE-reverb.

The reverb algorithm was last updated for 5.1 and other changes since are only secondary (click free bypass) but all those were before 6.0: History for libs/plugins/a-reverb.lv2/a-reverb.c - Ardour/ardour · GitHub

Maybe it is your playing that has improved? Better sound in, better sound out :slight_smile:


Show automation on touch is neat, just wrote another article for the german Linux User magazine on Ardour 6. Did a lot of automation in the tests for this, great to see you making good stuff even better.


Works for me in the mixerstrips of the editor view and in the mixer as well…

Is there an update on that web GUI mixer thing.