Ardour 6.6 for Apple M1 systems available (experimental)

We are happy to make available an experimental build of Ardour 6.6 for Apple M1 systems. Currently, Ardour does not participate in Apple’s paid-for developers program, which means that the download cannot be notarized by Apple. This in turns means that after downloading, it is not possible to install/run the program. However, there is a relatively simple workaround. Assuming you downloaded the file to ~/Downloads, open a Terminal window and run the following command:

xattr -rd ~/Downloads/Ardour-6.6.0-arm64.dmg

You will then be able to install and run Ardour normally.

We have done limited testing for this build, but expect it to be fully functional. If you have an Apple M1 system, we’d appreciate your feedback.

There’s a free/demo version (with our usual free/demo limitation of going silent after 10 minutes, with the ability to ask for more time) available here.

The full build is available to Ardour subscribers (including those who have already paid US$45 or more for version 6.x) from here.

(Please note that we do not currently plan to offer new nightly builds for the M1. This will change in the future, probably with the next major release of Ardour)


Thanks Paul, Robin, and everyone. I installed 6.6 on my M1 Mac mini without issue (using the xattr workaround). I got the system prompt to allow microphone use. Everything seems to work just fine, though I’m hardly exercising all the functionality (and my MOTU 828es interface isn’t fully supported on M1 architecture, although it seems to work fine).

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I did have a hang when trying to save and close a file today. I have a crash dump I could share. I had recorded a session last weekend and left it open all week… tried to save and close and just got the spinning rainbow wheel.


Yes, a crash-report might be useful. Thanks.

We’ve just update the nightly builds, so the direct download links to 6.6.0 are no longer valid.

Updated versions are available from Ardour - Nightly Builds Scroll down to “macOS ARM64”.

PS. Don’t forget to clear the quarantine flag, otherwise macOS will show “corrupted app” popup since the application is not notarized:

xattr -rd ~/Downloads/Ardour-6.6.183-arm64.dmg