Ardour 6.6 and kernel 5.11.0-34 on Ubuntu Studio freezing

So there is basically a problem with Ardour 6.6 and using it with Linux Kernel 5.11.0-34 on Ubuntu Studio.
If I import a kick drum or something else and want to duplicate it for the whole audio track - ardour freezes and all I can do is to stop ardour from working and “kill” the programm.

There is no such problem if I’m working with 5.11.0-31.
Is this a major bug which needs to be reported?

Which brings me to my next question: Is Ardour 6.9 working with the kernel? If so - how do I update ardour manually on Ubuntu Studio (or do I have to wait for Ubuntu Studio to implement?)


Ardour should work with any sanely set up kernel these days, though I assume what you are referring to isn’t really Ardour itself, but realtime preemption, which any modern sanely configured kernel should work fine for 90+% of uses really.

How to update, well the first step is to download it from the website, then you run the installer. In fact my first thought after reading your report is, does this happen with 6.9 so I would suggest testing it, at least with the demo version from the website, and see if it still happens.


To my knowledge Ubuntu does not have any ‘in-house’ RT realtime preempt kernels and hasn’t for many years. Lowlatency preempt are all they provide afaik.

That said the days of ‘one-kernel-fits-all’ are over, Old kernels don’t support new hardware and new kernels break things on old hardware… New Kernel versions used to take months and now they take days, Serious Kernel security exploits were almost non-existent and now they are a monthly occurrence so it’s really just an educated guess for Distributors now… People who want to do focused work like Audio content creation should be prepared to experiment a bit with Kernels to find what works best.

I believe you are correct, I conflated the terms for RT preemption and the low-latency kernel in this case just to keep things simple, but you are correct I probably shouldn’t have.

I would disagree with this in the context of this discussion which asked if Ardour (Software) is compatible with Kernel X, which should not be any issue at all. Now if we were talking about hardware interfaces, video cards, etc. then there is more debate (Even then I don’t know that I agree completely for most users, though some certainly you are correct). It is certainly nowhere close to where it was when I got started in Linux Audio in the bronze age:)

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Yes I was talking in the context of hardware but if your hardware isn’t working fully best of luck getting to the software. From a specialty distribution standpoint Kernels are a whole new frontier these days, just sayin’…

RT can be a saviour or a flakefest depending on your machine…

I do agree the OP isn’t giving us much to go on (yet).

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