Ardour 6.6.410 on Windows 10 endless crashes

I have the debug binary installed, and have a debug log, how may I best use this to help you, help me! :sweat_smile:

it’s a podcast session with thousands of tiny segments over an hour or so, and it often dies while recalculating things violently in ripple mode. But it can die anytime too.

end of log:
[Thread 3908.0x173c exited with code 3]
[Inferior 1 (process 3908) exited with code 03]

Read through the process on windows at the above link, and create an issue on with the steps to reproduce the error and the complete backtrace (What you posted is a tiny fraction of it) and if possible a session file.


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Thanks! I will. Ya know, even with all the crashing, I’d still rather use this DAW :heart:

I have been forced to use Logic for a project I am currently working on, current count is well over 100 tracks, and literally thousands of regions. I would MUCH rather be doing it in Mixbus myself:). I can completely understand.

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Is there a trick to logging into the Bug Tracker? Or even signing up? I’ve tried my forum credentials. I’ve also tried signing up. I have not received the confirm email yet. And when I retry I get Application Error #2800. Tried on Firefox in Linux and Windows, same error.

For reasons we don’t understand, the email can take up to 10 hrs to arrive (!!). It may not be entirely under our control.

The App Error is a decade+ old bug in mantis, and is caused by taking “too long” to do something. There are oodles of bug reports (bug reports for the bug tracker!) online about it, but apparently across all the years, nobody has fixed it.

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Thanks Paul! I’ll be patient, ahaha. You (and the contributors) have really done a wonderful job with this project over the years. I remember being on the mailing list decades ago around 2002 (I think, so long ago). It’s come a long way.

Why you have been forced to use logic? In linux i think, Ardour is very stable. But i think the version 6.5 was more stable… In 6.6 i have sometimes crahes when i’m recording. In 6.5 this never happened.

On Windows, check %localappdata%\Ardour6\CrashLog\. Those may shed some light.

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Was forced to use Logic due to some collaboration needs, specifically working with a music director that works in Logic, and teaching students at the same time that are interested in learning Logic (They already know Mixbus/Ardour).

And the end result is I am working in logic finishing up the project now on little sleep.


Please try with 6.6-449. That should fix those crashes. A build will be up in the next 12 hours.

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Cool, looks like it hasn’t been generated yet, but I’ll be on it when it appears!

okay that’s a bit different to the debug backtrace… anything to particularly notice? Problem DLLs? I’ll see if I can get one from today as I edit (or hopefully it won’t crash…)

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