Ardour 6.5 - sorting of controllers lanes

is there a default pattern for sorting the cc controllers lanes ? I first thought they might be sorted by cc numbers but it doesn’t seem to be always the case. I’m asking because many of them have no names (undefined, General purpuse). I’ve read in some thread that the number in brackets beside the name of the controller (when hovering on the lane) should reflect the cc number of the controller, but in my case it’s the midi channel. I’m on ubuntu studio 20.04.

They’re ordered by CC first, then MIDI channel. e.g.

  1. CC 1 - Channel 1
  2. CC 1 - Channel 2
  3. CC 2 - Channel 1

If you increase the MIDI track’s height and show the MIDI Name (MIDNAM) selectors. The model is used to show human readable names for each CC.


Generic MIDI leaves many CCs undefined. e.g. CC-2 is not used.
Also some plugins may provide specific names, and many also only support a subset. In which case they’re no listed.

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