Ardour 6.5 Latency compensation not working in Linux Mint 18 + Scarlett 4i4 4rd gen

I have just installed 6.5 two days ago. Until that I was using Ardour 4 without any issues with latency compensation.

Seems that audio latency compensation NOT working in my Ardour 6.5.0 and Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64bit. Audio interface is Focusrite Scarlett 4i4 3rd generation.

In Ardour 4 I set Buffer size normally to 1024 samples. No hardware input or output latency (zero).
With this setup audio was recorded correctly as I was hearing during recording. I assume that latency compensation was working as there were no delay when I played back recorded audio with other tracks.

But with same settings in Ardour 6.5 there is clear latency (delay in audio). So 6.5 does not compensate.
If I change Buffer size it clearly impact to latency how audio is recorded. Bigger buffer more recorded audio is delayed in timeline.

Hardware input/output latency setting seem not to have any impact. Or very minimal.
Audio calibration give me result 314 samples. Which do not explain delays in audio.

Any thoughts anybody?

P.S. I know that similar topics have been discussed here. But I did not find any help from those :frowning:

Are you using JACK? If so perhaps this may be

PS. Ardour/ALSA is not affected by this (and is preferable for USB devices).

Thanks for the quick reply [quote=“x42, post:2, topic:105221, full:true”]
Are you using JACK? If so perhaps this may be

PS. Ardour/ALSA is not affected by this (and is preferable for USB devices).

My audio setup is following.

Audio system: ALSA
Input Device: Scarlet 4i4 USB
Output Device: Scarlett 4i4 USB

Then i have session properties.
Time code - Jack Transport/Time setting:
[x] Ardour is Jack time master
I think that this is only for midi timing.

Is there any other place where I should check JACT/ALSA audio settings affecting to this issue?

Just FYI
With tempo 136 bpm and buffer with 1024 samples it is clearly 1/64 note delayed.
If I change buffer to 2048 samples it is approx. 1/32 delayed.


I did audio calibration and that gave me 313 samples for output and input hardware latency.
If I manually calculate that 1/64 note is approx. 7 ms then I will get same result (313 samples) for latency. But still audio is not compensated with that. Am I totally lost here :smiley:

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