Ardour 6.5 64s bits crashed on exit


I have Windows 7 64 bits and ardour 6.5 last version with Asio4All.

I have a little problem it’s, when I exit ardour I have to first to stop Asio4All on the “audio/midi setup” menu. If I don’t, Ardour will freeze and crashes.
It’s not a big problem but it didn’t happen when I used the 32 bits version. It only started after I’ve upgraded to the 64 bits version. I always tought the 64 bits version would fit better with a 64 bits system and also there’s a couple of VST that only exist in 64 bits.
It there something I could do about it in the settings? Something that automatically stop the audio/midi setup for instance?

Thank you.

And Happy New Year! :partying_face:

This is not normal, nor a known issue.

Maybe some other windows user can chime in?

Meanwhile could you check %localappdata%\Ardour6\CrashLogs\ and file an issue at What soundcard do you use with ASIO4ALL?

There was no logs in crashlogs from yesterday. It was probably removed by ccleaner or something.
I’ve tried to open/close without closing asio4all today and I got 2 nice crash logs.

file an issue at

I will.

My soundcard is the one from my laptop and it must be a pretty generic realtek high definition audio.
For plugin my guitar to my laptop I use an external Alesis soundcard.

Does it work without ASIO? using Ardour’s MME driver?

I only use Asio4all with ardour.
The system midi is set on “winmme” but I’m not using midi at the moment.

Btw, I noticed there’s a reference to “libportaudio-2.dll!” in one of my crash log. I guess this is the dll used for the audio setup menu?

I’ve submitted the ticket.

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