Ardour 6.3 is released

Ardour 6.3 is released. This is mostly a maintenance release, but the new Loudness Analysis feature will be very useful to some users. The usual steady drip-drip of bug fixes continues, and thanks to Ayan Shafqat, we now have up to date super-optimized metering code for Linux on both x86(64) and ARM platforms (metering is the most computationally expensive thing that Ardour itself does).

For more details, please read the whole release announcement .

Download as usual from


Great - many thanks for this. Looking forward to introducing Ardour to some of our students later this month.

Thank you!

I see 6.2 in the update notification.

My wife had a mighty chuckle at the nerd-sniping comment :wink:


Good job!
Builds and runs without apparent problems on Fedora 31.

The very first time I started ardour 6.3 I got a message on the console:

bad transition, current state = Stopped/WaitingForButler/Forwards event = LocateDone
PBD::stacktrace(std::ostream&, int)
ARDOUR::TransportFSM::bad_transition(ARDOUR::TransportFSM::Event const&)
ARDOUR::TransportFSM::process_event(ARDOUR::TransportFSM::Event&, bool, bool&)
ARDOUR::Session::process(unsigned int)
ARDOUR::AudioEngine::process_callback(unsigned int)
/usr/lib64/ardour6/backends/ [0x7f969ad6828f]
/lib64/ [0x7f96aee084e2]

I haven’t seen it on subsequent runs so it could be due to a 6.2 -> 6.3 conversion of the config?

Thank you for whatever role you played in getting this feature added; it’s going to be tremendously useful!

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By the way, I’m curious: why “Spotify” preset and “Loud Spotify”? Isn’t Spotify’s “loudness process” the same for every song?


Can listeners adjust the levels of my music?

Premium users can choose between the following volume normalization levels in their app settings:

  • Loud - equalling ca -11 dB LUFS (+6 dB gain multiplied to ReplayGain)
  • Normal (default) - equalling ca -14 dB LUFS (+3 dB gain multiplied to ReplayGain)
  • Quiet - equalling ca - 23 dB LUFS (-5 dB gain multiplied to ReplayGain)

The presets and conformity check levels were taken from the following excellent page:

I think the nerd-sniping comment is becoming a tradition?

Anything that brings levity during these difficult times is good with me :wink:

About the loudness stuff, I find it very interesting timing that RX8 now includes a loudness “normalizer”. Also Merging have changed up their Pyramix packs to include “Final Check” for the middle tier. Not only does it do live loudness analysis but it will allow for loudness normalizing on export (but limited to integrated and true peak). I much prefer Ardour’s implementation already even before Robin starts refining things. By the way, “Robin and the Nerd-snipers” sounds like a great band name.


Hah! I’ve been shooting photos with vintage lenses lately and using their defects to artistic advantage, which made me think that a good name for a band would be the Chromatic Aberrations. The Spherical Aberrations would come in close second.

I’m opening for “Ben and the Harrisons” :slight_smile:


Not forgetting “Paul and the Ardour-Jacks” (as opposed to “Paul and the Lumberjacks” that specialize in Monty Python song covers).

“Oh, I’m a Loudness Analyzer and I’m okay…”

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As a funny side note (for the German speaking): It happened to me several times lately that when a musician asks what software we use for recording and I answer “Ardour” they are somewhat puzzled and say something like: “No, the song is in G minor!?”

Made me pronounce “Ardour” exeggeratedly English… :rofl:

(“Ardour” sounds quite a little like the German “A Dur” (“A major” in English)…)


Just wanted to say thanks (yeah, I know I’m late) for the update ! I work for a local radio station and the new Loudness Assistant is very useful to me. Ardour is the only DAW that manages to surprise me with every update. Keep up the good stuff !

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