Ardour 6.3 crashing, POOL OUT OF MEMORY

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago I upgraded Ardour to the new version (6.3). The installation was smooth. Started using it and everything’s fine.

In the last few days, however, the software started to crash giving me the following message: “CRITICAL: event POOL OUT OF MEMORY : RECOMPILE WITH LARGER SIZE”

To give some context my system is Ubuntu 20.04 (I even reinstalled Ardour after upgrading Ubuntu just to avoid any incompatibilites).

It’s important to say that, during installation, I received the warning that my system used frequency scaling.

I did exactly what is told here:

After doing it all, restarted Ardour but it crashed again.

Any guidance here would be very helpful, thanks.

Hi guys,

No answer here, so I’ve just reported the bug in the “Bug Tracker” forum. Hope to get some answers there because this is a very serious issue that completely blocks the user and potentially can destroy session data.

I’ve never found this bug in the old version, although crashes happened once in a while.

P.S: I did a few tests and I notice the bug happens when you try to change the velocity of a MIDI note with the mouse (clicking the note and scrolling with the mouse tracker) .

If you edit the velocity in the “Edit” window, right-clicking the MIDI note, nothing happens.

Since I did this in Ardour 5 without any problems I guess the bug is related to the new features added in 6.3 regarding MIDI notes. For example, in the new version the velocity of a note is shown as a little bar inside the note and changes width dynamically, as we roll with the mouse.

I’ll put this info in Bug Tracker. Hope it can be solved!

Screenshot from 2020-10-27 07-44-07|508x155

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