Ardour 6.0

does anyone know if their is any work to the code for Ardour 6.0.
i read that the recent release after it will start the major code overhaul for the next version

Not real sure what you are asking? If you are asking if work is being done on A6, the answer is yes. If you are asking if the code is available, the answer is also yes in the git repo where it always has been.

If you are asking if it is near release or in any shape ready to test? I believe the answer to that is no.


is there any confirmed new features that will be available on the next major release

mrskytown: we do not discuss or announce new features on the web until release. You can follow what is happening in real time via out git repository (or mirrors or mailing list), or hang around the #ardour IRC channel, where we sometimes discuss this sort of thing. In general, at this time, most of the ongoing work is “architectural” - enabling new features rather than actual new features.

oh ok, i read on a post that ardour 6 will have better time stretching capabilities, is it confirmed, and will ardour 6 have better track mixer knobs GUI,


Nothing is confirmed at this point until it is done, however ‘better’ track mixer knobs is in the eye of the beholder. Ardour intentionally places a larger emphasis on functionality than on ‘looking pretty’ so I wouldn’t expect that to change.


i understand, i wish i could create one my self, i love ardour, i just wished the mix knobs were more visible and modern like a real knob icon.
can’t wait for version 6 regardless