Ardour 5, Problems with backup and duplicate files (ambiguous files)

Dear community,

I’m having an annoying behaviour with Ardour 5.12 running on a Mac OS X, when using “Save as” to create a backup.
After the new session file is created, when I open the new saved file, an error message like the one below appear.

This is really annoying, cause this message pop-up for every single file included in the session.
Any hint on how to avoid this issue?

I think it is someway odd that the software is looking for files also in the previous location (this is definitely not something I would like, when creating a backup).



It seems that your session has multiple search-paths set. This usually happens due a “missing file” dialog and manually adding search locations.

Check Menu Session > Properties > Locations, and remove additional ones

As quick workaround to load the session without ambiguity warnings: use Apple’s Finder and rename ~/Music/SC_song_backup3 to something else

Dear Robin,

thanks for the answer. Actually what you said it was correct. In the Locations properties, the path of the original file (the one I used for the “Save as”) is listed. However, removing the additional paths (and saving after that) did not worked. Whenever I start again the session, Ardour keep searching in that location (and the location appear again).

It seems it has some automatic search in the same location of the sesssion folder: If I move the copy to another folder, Ardour pop-up a message on missing files. This is better, 'cause I can say “skip all missing files”, just once, and this is easier. However I fear I stumbled on a bug.