Ardour 5 - Is it possible to slide the content of an audio region?


I’m using Ardour 5 for the first time for audio editing for video purpose (short film for TV); and I often need to precisely adjust audio sync of sound effects with video, while keeping the region location on the track (mainly to keep crossfades between surrounding regions).

Of course, as a “workaround” I can:

  • move my region a little (left or right on the track) to adjust my sound effect to be sync with the image
  • re-adjust crossfades with surrounding regions

But this is quite a long process when there is a bunch of little regions.
Is there a way to slide the interior of a region without moving the region itself ?

This video illustrates exactly what I’m talking about:


Ctrl + left-drag in the trim bar should do it…

Thanks for your answer. Anyway I’m sorry but I can’t reproduce what you suggests.

I’m very confused about what you call “trim bar” ?
There’s no reference to trim bar in the actual online manual. The only interesting result I found via google is the Ardour 3 Latex PDF manual by @paul Davis and Carl Hetherington; page 57 we have this image:


But I can’t see this trim bar on Ardour 5. Is the “trim bar” have been removed from Ardour 5 ? Or I totally miss something.

Ctrl + left dragging on a region duplicates the region (and this is coherent with the manual).


Hmm, I googled the shortcut as I’m sure I had used that function at some point but, yes, you are right that the trim bar isn’t there in v.5. Can anyone else jump in? I’m not in front of an Ardour install at present…

Found it! The shortcut still works without the trim bar. Just head down to the bottom left corner of the region and crtl + left drag to move audio within region!


Thanks. Unfortunately this solves the problem only partially: when the region is quite long and I need to have a closer view of the waveform, the edges of the region are out of screen, so I cannot perform this action :frowning: I really thought this should exist a keyboard modifier to press and grab the region from anywhere, not only the region’s edges.

Maybe should I open a kind of “feature request”, “UI improvement ideas” ?

Thanks anyway !

When I’ve used it in the past, I’ve zoomed in as much as I like to the start of the hi-res audio region that needs slipping and lined up everything with the audio track from the video camera then adjusted edges as necessary. I’m trying to think of why I’d need the feature all the way zoomed in but, honestly, what I described pretty much sums up the extent of my video-editing skills :wink:

You could just enable the preference item for showing the trim bar, which then creates a part of the region which is unambiguous and available for dedicated actions like “slide contents”.

Thanks @bachstudies @paul ! Enabling trim bar (and restart Ardour) then ctrl-left click on the trim bar actually did the trick.