Ardour 5.9 crashing while recording


i’ve just upgraded to ardour v. 5.9, 32 bit. i’ve been using ardour for many years now and the last four years’ worth of version on this computer, but not experienced this problem before. has anyone else had this problem?

i read in a previous post about a bug with the drawing of wave forms during recording which was causing ardour 5.8 to crash. well, i tried turning off this feature in the preferences but nothing has changed.

even recording just one mono track, ardour quits just after a few seconds.

i know there must be a log file for the crash but i don’t know where to finds this. if someone can direct me to this i’d like to post it with my next forum entry.

i’m running debian sid.

thanks for any help.


The easiest way to get a hint at least is to start ardour from the command line and see what it prints out as it crashes.

thanks, i will give this a try.


I can not reproduce the problem on Ardour 5.9 64 bit in Gentoo.

Just a couple of thoughts to help you debug the problem:

  • Maybe your settings got corrupter. Rename the directory .config/ardour5 and restart Ardour.
  • Maybe something happened to your sound device and it was just a coincidence that it happed the same time you started using 5.9. Try using Ardour with another audio device (motherboard sound card).
  • Recheck your jack settings (if you are using it) and use a big Frames/Period size, 1024 for example. Also see if jack reports errors.
  • Use Audacity to record with the same audio card that crashes Ardour, also use the same audio backend (Jack, Alsa) that you used with Ardour.