Ardour 5.5 (Debian Stretch 9) and file sysex

Hi, i have a various synths hardware ( yamaha dx7 mk1,roland d50,korg m1,microkorg mk1,alesis micron) and for transfer file sysex i used on mac osx sysex librarian program,but on ardour 5.5 on debian stretch 9 it’s a possible ? many thanks for your help me.


Ardour is absolutely not designed for this purpose. The size of the sysex messages it can deal with is limited, and typically smaller than the “reset” sysex message required by these sorts of devices.

many thanks paul :slight_smile: do you know other programs for gnu/linux for transfer sysex file from my computer imac 24 on my synths ?

There is a tool called Simple Sysexxer ( which I haven’t used myself. Furthermore I don’t know whether it is available already packaged for Debian…

Hi Arnd,many thanks for your help me

I have a resolve problem with install Symple Syseexer and multiarch 32 bit on my debian 9 stetch 64 bit and various library and dependence

Another way is to use the command-line tool amidi, which is installed as default, through the alsa-utils package, in most distros.
List the available MIDI ports
amidi -l
Send sysex to MIDI port “hw:0”, for instance
amidi -p hw:0 -s my_settings.syx

many thanks peder for your help me