Ardour 5.3 released

Ardour 5.3 is almost entirely a bug fix release that corrects a number of issues noticed and corrected since 5.1.

There was no 5.2 release, due to a mistake during the release process.

If you're looking for information about Ardour 5.0, you'll want to read the release notes.



  • Correct visibility of preferences dialog when the application starts with a detached preferences window.
  • Ensure click free bypass for all a-* plugins.
  • Enable normal operation when using an audio interface on OS X that is split into two "halves" (playback and capture), both with the same name. The Behringer UMC22 is one such device, but there are others already known to use this wierd and poor design. Our assumption is that the device(s) do not use the same sample clock for playback and capture.
  • Improve layout of a-eq GUI.
  • Update CC automation menu on when track selected channels change.
  • Building with support for Windows-VST on Linux now works again.
  • Correct "focus-on-clock" behaviour (bound to keypad divide key by default).

New Stuff

  • Extend lua bindings (processor selection, plugin-info).
  • Single action/button punch in/out feature (available for control surface use or via shortcuts).


Robin Gareus, Julien Rivaud, Nathan Stewart and Paul Davis.

Whether there are any data of Ardour performance in comparison with qtractor and bitwig?
Whether it is planned to include in structure of the following versions system of sending notices in case of crash?

We have no plans to do so. Comparisons of "performance" between DAWs often don't make any sense. What would you measure?

We document how to report bugs and how to get back traces here:

Great work. I’ve spent a couple of days messing around with 5.3 and it seems to have fixed a couple of the MIDI bugs that I had a bounty on. Am I right in thinking that I can make a general donation on the Download page to cover the payments? I’ll add a note to Mantis about the fixed bugs. Once again, great work. It’s run for a couple of days without any major problems, and I’m thinking of switching to it as my main MIDI sequencer/DAW.

Am I right in thinking that I can make a general donation on the Download page
You should be able to see a big green "Donate" button in the RH column of this page (or in most places on the forum) !

Send me email if you pay out for a bug bounty, so I can make sure the person who fixed them gets the money. or