Ardour 5.12 not recognize midi interface

hi friend i have a problems with ardour 5.12 and midi interfaces (midisport 2x2) and midilink on ubuntu 18.04.1 lts + repository kxstudio. It’s don’t recognize in ardour 5.12 and mixbus 4 but on tracktion waveform 9 it work perfect. Here i have upload a photo -

In this screenshot: everything appears to be working …

in the screenshot work on open terminal,but the terminal closed don’t recognize midi interface

i have recive help from forum harrison mixbus for resolution problem :

Alsa2jack (MIDI):

Setup >> Options >> [X] Run script after startup

sleep 5 && a2jmidid -e &

Setup >> Settings >> Parameters >> MIDI Drivers [none]
Setup >> Miscellaneous >> [ ] ([none]) Provide support for ALSA sequencer

Now ardour and mixbus work perfect on ubuntu 18.04.1 lts with repository kx studio. I have upload photo -

discussion for this problem with photo on harrison mixbus forum -

Unclear why that is not working.

hi paul i have a maudio firewire solo and work with ffado driver,but my two midi interface don’t recognize in ardour e mixbus…if i used alsa backend i wiev midi interface,but don’t plays audio.
Here various photo my problems

What audio/MIDI backend are you using? If you are using JACK, use the ALSA audio/MIDI backend instead, and report back on what it finds.