Ardour 5.12 and MIDI monitoring

Hi! Using Ardour 5.12 and stuck with a MIDI monitoring problem.

I’ve been following Glen MacArthur’s youtube video here

and have pretty close to what he has: the Red Zeppelin Multi plug in on my MIDI track, which fans out to Kick, Snare, and the other individual drum tracks. On those tracks I’ve carefully set up pretty close to the plug in arrangement he talks about. And I’ve recorded the first part of my snare part, using a Yamaha MIDI keyboard controller. But now I’m stuck with trying to record the Bass drum part because I can’t figure out how to monitor both my recorded snare and the live bass drum at the same time, given the choices of either Disk or In monitoring. Can anyone help this MIDI noob?

By the way my hope is to be able to record a multi part MIDI drum track, like what Glen has in that video, by layering drum instruments one at a time since I’m using a keyboard as a controller.


Use Ardour6. I don’t believe this was possible in A5. There are a number of other reasons I would suggest using A6 as well at this point.

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