Ardour 5.11 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Ardour 5.11. Like 5.10,
this is primarily a bug-fix release, though it also includes VCA
automation graphical editing, a new template management dialog and various
other useful new features.
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  <h2>New Features</h2>
<li>VCA automation can now be graphically edited.</li>
<li>VCAs can now be selected (e.g. from control surfaces).</li>
<li>Allow VCA renaming in the editor window.</li>
<li>Bindable buttons for VCA solo and mute.</li>
<li>Add select-all-tracks shortcut in the mixer window.</li>
<li>Template management dialog (both session and track templates).</li>
<li>Allow control surfaces to hide/show plugin GUIs.</li>
<li>Realtime export now allows listening to channels being exported.</li>
<li>Non-layered MIDI recording now works (MIDI regions will be trimmed at the end of recording to avoid overlaps).</li>
<li>Add an LTC generator to the Dummy backend.</li>
<li>Update colors for the "Caineville" theme.</li>
<li>Expose Off/Play states for MIDI CC "automation".</li>
<li>Allow touch automation to be done via Ardour's own knobs (e.g. trim control).</li>

  <h2>General Fixes and Improvements</h2>
<li>Fixes for consistent selection and track/bus ordering.</li>
<li>Improve display of dB values.</li>
<li>Improvements when dragging control points for log-scale or relative parameters.</li>
<li>Lookup VST parameter default values once only, at the correct time.</li>
<li>Major code cleanup for locale (internationalization) handling.</li>
<li>Create a deep-copy of MIDI sources when saving snapshots.</li>
<li>Allow saving state even when audio/MIDI engine is not running.</li>
<li>Substantial reworking of waveview rendering code.</li>
<li>More differentiation of error messages during startup.</li>
<li>Fix for a-fluid handling of out-of-memory conditions.</li>
<li>Avoid display/use of "mnemonics" in menu items (shortcuts continue to work as usual).</li>
<li>Correct an issue when sending from a source with less channels than the destination.</li>
<li>Don't invert azimuth & elevation display value for some panning configurations.</li>
<li>Fix undo being invoked from a non-GUI thread.</li>
<li>Fix crash when rapidly switching snapshots.</li>
<li>Show region name correctly in a context menu.</li>
<li>Reintroduce a command to toggle editor/mixer windows when they are tabbed.</li>
<li>Retain plugins order for copy/cut/paste + Drag-n-Drop.</li>
<li>Correctly adjust gain when selection spans multiple track/bus groups.</li>
<li>Honor groups when selecting in the mixer.</li>
<li>Convert summary display into a horizontal scrollbar (no more y-axis sensitivity for scrolling; now zooms).</li>
<li>Fix loading bundle definitions.</li>
<li>Changing type of track/bus in the add track/bus dialog no longer resets the name, if edited.</li>
<li>Take automation lanes into account when changing "visible track count".</li>
<li>Make it impossible to zoom to ridiculously zoomed-out scales.</li>
<li>Fix crash when renaming a track to an invalid name.</li>
<li>Increase the range of the a-comp stereo release time.</li>
<li>Forward-to-grid and Backward-to-grid now snaps even when in magnetic mode.</li>
<li>Correct note length setting and display in the note edit dialog.</li>
<li>Time info box updates its length display correctly across a tempo change.</li>
<li>Indicate region positional lock style with various UTF-8 glyphs (Beamed 1/8th notes => music position lock).</li>
<li>Only add a new tempo or meter on a click with the primary modifier pressed (avoid confusion with a tempo-change drag).</li>
<li>Disable tempo end drag for meter-locked tempi.</li>
<li>Cropping a single region to time selection works for multiple ranges.</li>
<li>Setting a tempo to 'Continue' via right click puts it in a permanent state
  of continuing the previous section's end tempo (basically what
  'Lock Continue' should have been). This can be disabled (unlocked) by
  selecting 'Don't Continue'.</li>
<li>Reorganise menu to separate position lock style from more commonly used functions.</li>
<li>Main Menu: some re-organization of session- and global-centric windows.</li>
<li>Track/Bus mute automation now works as expected.</li>
<li>Many improvements to plugin in-line displays.</li>
<li>Fix various issues when changing automation state while rolling.</li>
<li>Make it possible to select regions at zero when the grid is set to Region Bounds.</li>
<li>Fix a bug with LTC chasing when using small buffer sizes and a large initial offset.</li>
<li>Ask user about saving when using Save As or Snapshot & Switch.</li>
<li>Fix the cursor in some TextEntry popups.</li>
<li>Show a-comp's makeup gain and gain reduction in it's inline display.</li>
<li>Many crashes at exit or close-session fixed.</li>
<li>Prevent duplicate playlist names while renaming.</li>
<li>Session > New ... <em>cancel</em> : now retains current session, if any.</li>
<li>Use Mach real time priority in process threads.</li>
<li>Use real-time safe MIDI buffer allocation for ALSA, CoreAudio and PortAudio (Windows) MIDI backends.</li>
<li>Fix for "MIDI Input follows Selection" (breakage introduced during 5.10 development).</li>
<li>Improve clock font used on OS X.</li>
<li>Fix <code>--samplerate</code> option for ardour-export standalone tool.</li>
<li>Add options for bit-depth and BWF format to ardour-export tool.</li>
<li>Ensure that broadcast data (BWF) is complaint with EBU specifications.</li>
<li>Save sample-rate for sessions created with templates.</li>
<li>Fix LV2 preset path on Windows.</li>
<li>Do not disable MIDI CC "automation" after clearing all data for a given CC.</li>
<li>Only button 1 (typically left) will now add new MIDI CC events on click.</li>
<li>Expose editor vertical zoom.</li>
<li>Expose region list.</li>
<li>Expose clone/copy regions.</li>
<li>Expose systemexec.</li>
<li>Improve script sandboxing.</li>
<li>Provide access to toggle actions.</li>
<li>Expose a new Lua message dialog.</li>
<li>Support for template scripts.</li>
<li>Support for meta-templates for Session setup.</li>
  <h2>OSC Support and Control</h2>
<li>Added /*/db_delta for strip, select, master and monitor.</li>
<li>bank_up will now accept -1 for bank down so an encoder can bank.</li>
<li>GUI improvements - usability.</li>
<li>Allow user selectable group use (/use_group 1 or 0).</li>
<li>Prevent crashes or hangs in some cases.</li>
<li>Send fewer duplicate messages.</li>
  <h2>FaderPort 8 Support</h2>
<li>Use 2 lines for Plugin Parameter Names.</li>
<li>Expose Plugin Bypass/Enable per plugin.</li>
<li>Shift + Select in Plugin Select mode.</li>
<li>Bypass button in Plugin Parameter Edit mode.</li>
<li>Don't allow toggling strip bypass/enable.</li>
<li>Allow selection of plugin presets.</li>
<li>Scribble-strip display preferences.</li>
<li>Fixes crash when switching snapshots.</li>
<li>Display in mixer order.</li>
<li>Add plugin GUI display options.</li>
<li>Implement "control link" (control operates on currently focused widget in GUI).</li>
<li>Fix shutdown sequence.</li>
<li>Indicate implicit solo by blinking.</li>
  <h2>Translation Updates</h2>
<li>Czech translation update (Pavel Frich).</li>
<li>Japanese translation (Hiroki Inagaki).</li>
<li>Swedish translation update (Kristoffer Grundström).</li>
<li>Russian translation updates (Petr Semiletov, Alexandre Prokoudine).</li>
<li>Chinese translation update (Yq Ysy).</li>
<li>French translation correction (Léo Andrès).</li>
Ben Loftis,
Johannes Mueller,
John Emmas,
Len Ovens,
Nick Mainsbridge,
Paul Davis,
Robin Gareus,
Tim Mayberry,
Jelle van der Waa,
Julien Rivaud,
Thomas Brand,