Ardour 5.10 released

We are pleased to announce the availability of Ardour 5.10. This is primarily a bug-fix release, with several important fixes for recent selection/cut/copy/paste regressions along with fixes for many long standing issues large and small.

This release also sees the arrival of VCA slave automation, along with improvements in overall VCA master/slave behaviour. There are also significant extensions to Ardour's OSC support.


General Fixes and Improvements

  • (Time) Range selection and copy/cut/paste now works again.
  • Selection and copy/cut/paste for automation tracks now works again.
  • Extend list of reserved track/port names (including translated versions of "Click").
  • Fix another case where potentially illegal track/port names were not checked correctly.
  • Context click on [Marker] > loop range should set loop range.
  • Tweak/fix splash screen management.
  • Update writable status of a Save-as copy of a Session.
  • Add note name parser to convert to midi note number.
  • VST parameter names can now be up to 128 characters long.
  • Remember the state (shown/hidden, attached/detached) of the Monitor section.
  • Ardour's own custom buttons now correctly reflect the initial state of the action they control.
  • Stop crash after deleting a group.
  • Fix double "Tape" in Record Mode drop down when adding new track.
  • Support note name editing in midi list editor.
  • Fix out-of-bounds waveform image rendering.
  • Set Display Name for OSX/macOS.
  • Fix libhid compile with /recent/ libc (GNU_SOURCE).
  • Fix failure to laod old tempo maps.
  • Use correct variable in BasicUI::jump_by_seconds.
  • Tempo sections with a BBT start XML node are never ramped.
  • Sort tempo map after legacy sections have been assigned a pulse.
  • Include ParameterDescriptor in read-only control output.
  • Implement basic AU parameter-printing.
  • Pretty print control-outputs in generic-UI.
  • Always create a deep copy of MIDI regions when copying playlists.
  • Use correct names when setting MidiTrack properties.
  • Use correct property name in generic MIDI surface.
  • Allow export presets for 176.4KHz.
  • When creating a new session after working on one, the "Cancel" button should be a quit button.
  • Duplicate routes start off unsoloed to avoid issues related to upstream / downstream buses.
  • If actively recording, prevent interaction between mouse and audio clock widget(s).
  • Remove "Close" button from import-dialog (prefer WM close button).
  • Import Dialog now behaves now other dialogs/windows when using Escape.
  • Add route dialog now has "Add" and "Add and Close" buttons. "Add" keeps dialog open so user can add multiple templates.
  • Fix recording-region graphics when using count-in.
  • Fix reversed logic in legacy tempo secton detection.
  • Tempo lines display subdivisions correctly over a tempo change.
  • Fix crash when showing plugin-UI in safe-mode.
  • Fix DSP in a-EQ, when parameters change very slowly.
  • Fix playhead behaviour when synced to JACK tranport.
  • When dragging notes, keep the note length correct even if tempo changes across the drag.
  • a-EQ: Tweak knob layout to be less confusing.
  • Make Import the default action in the Import Dialog.
  • Restore the state of the autoplay button in the import dialog.
  • Consistent "cancel/close" button position on the left.
<li>Add a file-chooser LuaDialog Widget.</li>
<li>Update LuaDialog example script to include File/Folder selection.</li>
<li>Add Lua bindings for VCAs and VCAManager.</li>

  <h2>VCA & Automation</h2>
<li>Do not crash when removing a VCA master.</li>
<li>Fix relative grouped + VCA slaved gain.</li>
<li>Fix Monitor Group override.</li>
<li>Allow group gain sharing + VCA again.</li>
<li>Remember subgroup-bus.</li>

  <h2>OSC Support and Control</h2>
<li>Add Automation control to OSC.</li>
<li>Faders can select automation mode.</li>
<li>Frame work to add automation for more controls</li>
<li>Add Touch message for faders.</li>
<li>Add fake timeout based touch.</li>
<li>GUI settings take effect on first incoming message.</li>
<li>Catch case of surface sending fader move before touch.</li>
<li>Add optional paging to sends in select.</li>
<li>Add option to send /reply instead of #reply (OSC1.0 compat).</li>
<li>Select channel plugin support with paging.</li>
<li>Allow set_surface and settings GUI to set send and plugin page sizes.</li>

  <h2>Control Surfaces</h2>
<li>Improve all control surfaces' handling of track/bus selection changes.</li>
<li>Midi map for Alesis QX25.</li>
<li>Update FaderPort8: new possible controllable parameters.</li>
<li>Mackie Control: Momentarily light buttons when they are
  used to trigger a defined action. (This is mainly for F-keys)</li>
<li>Mackie Control: If a button is not assigned an action, it
will not light, hopefully indicating to the user that it is unmapped).</li>
<li>Mackie Control: F-keys are reserved only for user-defined actions; no need for explicit handling.</li>
<li>Mackie Control: configuration panel should display the profile name when any button action is changed.</li>
<li>Mackie Control: Assign some F-keys for default user profile.</li>
<li>Mackie Control map the well-known EQ knobs more explicitly, not heuristically.</li>
<li>Mackie Control: Fix issue with strip "select" buttons that stayed stuck on.</li>

  <h2>Translation Updates</h2>
<li>German (Edgar Aichinger).</li>
<li>Russian (Alexander Prokoudine).</li>

Ben Loftis,
Damien Zammit,
Daniel Sheeler,
Johannes Mueller,
John Emmas,
Len Ovens,
Nick Mainsbridge,
Nils Geisweiller,
Paul Davis,
Robin Gareus,
Tim Mayberry

“Add and Close” feature is pleasant. Thanks to Paul&developers!

Thanks for info!)

There is no release of Kontakt or Halion for Linux.

5.10 is not yet available as a version in MantisBT. (This happened before and was a rights issue, i.e. Paul could see it but us mere mortals could not!)

And I can use Kontakt or Halion with Ardour in Linux?

What about Steinberg VSTi support in the nearest future?

we already support VST instruments and have done for a long time. What precisely are you asking about?

Hello Paul & Team,
thanks a lot for continuously improving Ardour. Upgrade and use of Ardour 5.10 (openSUSE Linux with RT kernel) has been flawless.

I see the splash screen hanging when I reload a session on MacOSX.
Not on the first session but when I load a new one. It’s not clear to me
whether this issue was supposed to be fixed or not.