ardour 4 windows & LV2


After installing Ardour4 on Windows, I aa the forder fo vst which works fine.
After, I copy all my lv2 from usr/libLV2 Linux to c:\programmes\ardour4\lib\ardour4\lv2

The effects are in the list of effects but there is an error when getting one:
LV2: failed to instanciate …

Is there something I missed?


Yes those LV2s have to be compiled for Windows, they are not in what you described. They are compiled for Linux instead and won’t run on Windows without recompilation for the same reason that Ardour won’t run on Windows without recompilation.


Hi my friend Seablade,

With the help of the chat, effectively, it is not possible to copy directly from linux to windows.
I spent couple of hours looking for vst or lv2…

For example I downloaded mingw which provides an environment to compile… after LV2 library

Well it is going to be a hard work.
Even vst are given one by one.

Is anyone already made a compilation of LV2 effects or VST effects and provide a zip file?


@doglechien: Ardour(4) now supports linux VST plugins - so LV2 is not your only option. Some companies (such as mine) provide - VST plug-ins which are built for Mac, Windows and Linux. The demos here:

are free, but you have to pay for the full version (we have to charge some money for them, because it turns out that developing pro-audio software which works properly is very time consuming, requires a great many years of experience and is therefore very expensive to do).

@linuxdsp thank’s for the link, the products are professional. The problem is that i need all effects and it is expensive for a non professional like me. Perhaps your company should propose a package with the whole effects.
Another problem for me is to have the same list of effects between the two plateforme.

Hi, why I can’t download windows version from download page? I have an account and suscription.

I’m using Ardour on linux for a few month ago, now I want to use on Windows.



I don’t believe there is a Windows version on The reason for this is it is not officially released and supported yet. You can download windows versions from the nightly download page, and test it that way. You will need an active subscription, which you mentioned having, and log in to download with the same log in info as the web site.


Thanks Seablade, today I download the nightly version with my account. This is a version 4?


Nightly builds are based on the absolute latest version of the source code. So they are “newer” than 4.0 … The About window will give you version info.

Perfect thanks Paul.

I comming from Ableton Live Lite. At this time, I think that the interface of Ardour are more better and clearly than Ableton.