Ardour 4 region layers


just trying out Ardour4 and everything is more stable, faster and better than before (except the graphics but it’s personal taste), so it seems amazing. There is only one thing that’s buggin me: regions layering. In A3, the latest moved region would stay on top, while in A4 the region keeps the layer, and for the hell of me I can’t find a way to alter this behaviour. One example, I split a region in 2, move the first part on top of the second, and if the first part is in a lower layer it stays beneath the second, and I need to manually raise it. This can be very frustrating in certain situations, sometimes (many) you want the region you just moved to stay on top. I might have missed the option but I looked half an hour and couldn’t find it,


There are no options to control this. It has been discussed on IRC. It definitely needs some attention.

meanwhile… using “stacked” view (right click in track-header, Layers > Stacked) may provide a workable solution:
After ‘split’, the drag+move can include explicit layering.

Just trying out the stacked view, it is an excellent tool, thanks! A bit of a pain to use at times though because A4 vertical scrolling seems not to be smooth, as it automatically skips to the lower track and with stacked view this happens a lot, since a need to make the track quite tall to see all the layers. Hope the scrolling will be adjustable to smooth in a future release. For everything else, it is the most polished and stable release ever in my opinion.

Just downloaded A4. How do I install it? A3.5 installed by itself

@ladrnbrgr: during the download process you were strongly recommended to read and/or which explain all you need to know.