Ardour 4.6 - Controlling with OSC ?


I’m a new user.
I didn t find an answer yet, so i’m asking the community.

Is Ardour 4.6.0 able to be controlled by an OSC App ??

I want to use OPEN STAGE CONTROL but it seems that the EDIT > PREFERENCES > CONTROL > SHOW PROTOCOL SETTINGS doesn’t work on my configuration…

Is the 3819 port ok to use Ardour this way ?

Is Anybody using the 4.6.0 and controlling Ardour this way ?

Thank you very much

open stage control is a great app for controlling Ardour. I use a command line like:
open-stage-control -l ardour.js -s <ardour_IP>:3819 -o 8001 -d
This runs just fine even on the same machine with the OSC settings set to “Factory Settings”. It should work just as well on another machine that is on the network as Ardour.

Note: I am using 0.12.0, the command line may have changed for newer versions. (0.17.5 is available)

I am running Ardour 5.8 and most of the good stuff added to OSC has happened since Ardour 5.0. However, you should be able to control Ardour 4.6 as well, just be aware that any map you make for Ardour 4.6 will not work on Ardour 5.0 and up. Really there have been a huge number of bugs fixed since 4.6 and the recommendation would be to upgrade to Ardour 5.8 before getting too involved. In Ardour 4.* there is pretty much no feedback that open stage control can use, so it would be blind control only.

See for OSC commands that work with Ardour 4.6.