Ardour 3

I wished Paul could post some progress news on Ardour 3 like alpha/beta progress, estimated release time (dont have to be an exact date) ect.

Linux Journal had a relavent (sort of) write up recently …

It would be nice if we could get just a little news every now and then to say what people are working on, just to keep us at bay :stuck_out_tongue:

There is none to give at this time. Progress is continuing steadily, but most of the discussion around it happens on IRC for various reasons. If you want to see where it is progressing, one possibility is to keep an eye on Mantis for bug reports/feature requests that are filed and completed.


I repeat my previous statement…

As I said, look in Mantis;) Carl has been doing a great job updating Mantis bug reports as he works.


I think what comments like this are pointing at is a simple desire to see more information on the front page. It’s a basic ‘customer service’ issue. A lot of people don’t have any idea what Mantis is, most of them probably really don’t care. They just want to see a “hey, work is steady around here, not much to report” post every now and then.

There are also a sizable number of people who will look only at the front page of the site, and the longer there are no new updates, the more they will start worrying if the ‘project has died’ or something similar. It doesn’t matter how many ways there are out there for people to learn otherwise, a lot just won’t bother.

I guess what I’m saying is, even if it doen’t seem necessary, a post on the front-page every now and then is nice. :slight_smile:

I’m sort of with christophski, and beejunk on this one. The average user (where the bulk of donations come from) isn’t going to follow mantis or the commit mailing list or lurk IRC for sporadic dev discussion. It would be cool to have a sort of RSS style commit feed on the front page, a sort of maintanence-free piece of mind for the average user so they can feel they are getting their money’s worth or even coaxed into a subscription, maybe under “New Forum Topics” or something like that.

An ideal use for a twitter feed.

Heh don’t get me wrong, I am not saying updates aren’t useful, they are. What I was giving however were ways to keep track of exactly where things are going, and to get an idea of where progress is, in other words a basic idea of the state of A3 as was requested.

For the record, people don’t need to know what Mantis is to follow the link I posted;)



ardour - 3.0 (scheduled for release 2009-07-23)
ardour - 3.0-beta1 (scheduled for release 2010-04-24)
ardour - 3.X (scheduled for release 2010-06-22)


@castagnari: those dates are meaningless - mantis requires that we put something in place. The roadmap status is much more indicative of what is happening.

I know. I’m working with JIRA. But I try to move my release dates in the future.

roadmap status? Do you mean the percentage bars of resolved issues?

In my experience such percentage bars don’t show how realistic the next release is.
If I think that the major issues are resolved and time is good for a release, then within some days all open issues are moved to the next release and the release can take place.

Much more interesting are issue filters which show what happend within the last x days.