Ardour 3

Hi all,

Not to put any pressure on the dev team, by asking “when Ardour with MIDI will be ready ?” , but Rosegarden needs too much dependencies I don’t like to install (maybe wrong, but my choice))), so I like to know if the actual Subversion’s Ardour3 is, say useable, even if it craches sometimes ? (just to edit MIDI files, and rec sounds from Fluidsynth and Hydrogen ?)

Thanks for answer, and keep on rocking !

Well, I thought something like you answers, bah : the glass of patience is ready to drink…Done !

@Peder : thank you for Qtractor, seems to do the job with no effort from my side and just 1 dep. more, COOL !!

@Paul : maybe, just for curiosity, will build it, with debug option if have all understood ? Have this idea to give, if it can help you to get backtraces : why not initialise a “crash-chrono-contest” for Ardour users around here ?

@Seablade : you can be sure I’ll stay in tune, no matters how many time !

paul, FYI I built A3-5551 today and it works pretty OK for light testing purposes, just as expected. Must have been some fix since 5448 that made it; I haven’t been able to start, let alone run, any A3 version in a looong time.

We’re (actually, you’re) getting there…

Speaking of testing, I just tried to build ardour3 rev 5550 on hardy based 64studio 3.0 beta3.

After installing all the dependencies, and backporting libglib and libglibmm to 2.20, it fails anouncing that it cannot find gtkardour/ - and it is not in the downloaded files…

Any ideas of what may be going on? Am I missing something?

scons: *** Source gtk2_ardour/' not found, needed by targetgtk2_ardour/editor_edit_groups.o’. Stop.

@qharley: try using waf, not scons.

A3 is not ready for public use by any stretch of the imagination. We will let you know when it is ready for testing, even in the slightest bit really.


@peder: i need to see those crash backtraces. i wouldn’t advertise ardour3 as usable, but it does not crash after a few seconds for me. Thanks.

Mostly unusable. You can compile it but I haven’t been able to run it for more than a few seconds after starting it.

If you need a lightweight MIDI sequencer you could try 24seq or possibly Qtractor (but that might also come with a number of dependencies) for instance.

paul, that happened with svn 5448 built w/o debug and VST but with LV2 on OpenSUSE 11.0. I deleted it after trying and crashing a couple of times.
I’ll do a fresh checkout this weekend and build it debuggable.