Ardour 3 with BCR2000, a strange behaviour on midi feedback.

Hi people,
I want to personally thank Paul and every developer of Ardour, you are simply great!

I noticed a strange behaviour with Ardour 3, compared to Ardour 2.8, with my Behringer BCR2000 (the rotary one, not the one with faders).
In Ardour 3 if I switch on the CC midi feedback, the controls became slow, it seems that for every value that is sended to Ardour, Ardour sends it back immediately to the BCR, in a sort of midi “echo”. The risult is that when i rotate the knob, I have to rotate it many many times, until a midi value > of 80-90, then it becames smooth. This happens only when I increase the values, turning the knob clockwise. When decreasing it runs quite smooth.
This behaviour is not present in Ardour 2.8, where i can turn on feedback and there’s no “echo”. When turn the knob I can increase and decrease smoothly.
I tried different kind of configurations, but this strange behaviour always happens. Is a well defined Ardour 3 behaviour?

And another question… Is it possible to send all Ardour mixer midi values to the BCR2000 with a button, or a command? When I load a session, my BCR don’t move anyhing (i connect the midi to the BCR BEFORE loading the session), the Ardour values are not displayed/sent to BCR, and when I rotate a knob on BCR after a session load, I don’t see the value on Ardour changing until i raise the exact midi value stored on Ardour with the knob. I.e: The saved channel1 out level is 95, the BCR is set tho 100, i turn anti-clockwise the knob on BCR, till i reach 95, and then i can see the fader on Ardour moving.

These are not terrible problems, Ardour is an amazing professional DAW and I love it! I’m just asking those things because I’m quite sure that I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks in advance!

Please don’t discuss A3 on these forums right now. The best places to discuss this is in IRC (Where extensive work on Control Surfaces, specifically Mackie surfaces, is going on currently) and on Mantis. Thank you.


I’m sorry.