ardour 3 testing ?

Is it possible to test Ardour3.

I have downloaded this
svn co

What is the next step
Is can not find the install readme.

@antonvdh: we use this as a “first step” to identify people who should probably be testing it :slight_smile: Ardour3 is still undergoing significant changes that often mean that existing ardour 3 sessions will not load, even those created earlier in the day. If you can figure out how to build it, please feel free to play around it (and report bugs to the bugtracker) but otherwise you can rest assured that when we feel its ready for testing by a wider audience, there will a big announcement on the website and mailing lists.

no problem then I will wait

hoping that BIG announcement includes an apt repository and automated build bot for debian packages :slight_smile:

Don’t hold your breath, sorry;)


I’ll be building debian packages (for Ubuntu at least) as soon as A3 is ready.

macinnisrr: should we start figuring out what compile options you will be using? hopefully… full on with all the options… hope you have experience with build bots and maintaining an apt repository on launchpad :slight_smile:

or people could stop being so damn lazy and build ardour 3 themselves :wink:

I'll be building debian packages (for Ubuntu at least) as soon as A3 is ready

Anyone got an idea when this will be?

When Paul says it is :wink: