Ardour 3 MIDI tracks

hellow fellow ardourians and congratulations with the new ardour 3 beta1 for Mac !!!

my problem now is that I am in very much problem to get any sounds from the midi tracks that I make…
Is there any manual og videos about to get it to work for us Mac users? I’ll keep on trying and post the answer if I find it…

also anyone else getting this error message all the time:?
[ERROR]: JACK: JackActivationCount::Signal value = 0 ref = 3


You need to insert an AU Instrument plugin on the MIDI track for it to play through. That is the simplest way to get audio. For the time being ignore the message, it is annoying but is a problem in Jack, not Ardour and hopefully one that will be addressed.


@stinni: just as a general comment: ardour3 is still in beta, and you should not expect to find any documentation or guides to features beyond what is available via If this lack of documentation is a problem … what can we say? Note also that you’ll get answers faster (most of the time) via IRC (see

Ok thanks guys,
@seablade: yes I found out that my problem was that I was using VST not AU and VST is not supported yet :wink: idiot me!!!
hope that the jack team will fix this anoying thing, but off I go to learn on Ardour 3 , jiiihaaaa
@Paul: ofcourse paul, it was not a good question when it is obviously an beta version… I found one old video about it for Linux though and it helped allot, if anyone else is interested:

great video by a great guy…
anyway thanks to the Developement team, this is brilliant and so exciting!!!


Hi Stinni!

Thanks for the compliments on my vid!

A3 has changed a lot since I did that video so I plan to re-do it a bit more professionally after falktx has ported his distrho plugins to LV2 as I think using those will represent the best user experience for A3 MIDI users who rely on softsynths. Also, unlike the JACK MIDI apps I used in that vid or the current LinuxVST distrho plugins both A3 Linux and OSX users will be able to use the same plugins.

@danboid: Hi Danboid, thank you for the video, it helps allot even though you are right,it has changed allooooot :slight_smile:
can’t wait for your next video, I’m sure your helping more people then you think… do let us know when you’re new video/videos come out on the internet
cheers to you from Iceland