Ardour 3 metronome volume

Does anyone know how to increase the metronome volume to a reasonable volume (listening in headphones). The volume adjustment in preferences does not make loud enough

I have 3 thoughts:

  • Adjust the gain structure around the monitor section so that what you’re monitoring is quieter relative to the metronome/click, and turn up the monitor master.
  • Replace the click sounds with ones that are louder, or clearer to your ears.
  • The click has its own output, which is normally routed to the monitor/auditioner. You could route it through a channel of its own, where you would have better control (and even add plugins if you wanted), and then route that channel directly to the monitor instead of the main bus.

…or just use Ardour4.4 which has normalized click levels (to -6 dBFS) and a gain slider with up to +6dB in Preferences > Misc.