Ardour 3 (last svn) and Calf Plugins (from source)

I have installed in parallel with Ardour 3.0-b3 and Ardour compiled from source (SVN).
I use the “Calf Plugins” compiled from sources available on

Recently, Ardour SVN stopped “seeing” these plug-ins. The problem concerns the last few (dozen) svn revision.
Exactly the same plugins in Ardour 3.0-b3 works as needed.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem?
Is this a problem of compilation “Calf Plugins”?
Or it can be a problem with Ardour?

Thank you in advance for all suggestions.

As has been stated repeatedly on this forum, please use IRC or Mantis to discuss or report issues with A3. Please do not use these forums at this time to do so.

You guys really need to put a disclaimer here somewhere, CONSPICUOUSLY, so that people stop doing this. Frankly, you can’t expect anyone to know this, and the fact that people are using, and trying to use A3 is a good thing, so they should be encouraged. These messages can be discouraging.

Just for clarification, as I mentioned in IRC, it is kind of mentioned when you download A3.


I will not use IRC because I am not fluent in English and… I do not use IRC.

I Do not report this to the Mantis, because I do not know if my problem is a mistake to Ardour, or I did something wrong. (Here I wanted to find out)

Description of the section “Problems, solutions and questions about installing and configuring Ardour on Linux.” indicates that the question did not err. If I misunderstood the description - sorry and silent.

Anyway - thanks for being so generous response …and support.

If the plugins don’t show up in the plugin manager, it normally indicates that something is wrong with the manifest.ttl files in the plugin .lv2 bundle. There have been some changes to LV2 recently, but none of that should stop plugins from showing up (I’m running a test build from SVN here, and have had no problems - even with plugins such as Invada which haven’t been maintained for a long while).
You may have to make sure you have the most recent versions of the lv2, lilv, suil, serd and sord libraries (from installed, and re-build against them. Otherwise I suppose someone (or one of the Calf devs) will have to update the plugins.
Also, check the build options after the configure step and make sure that some kind of LV2 support has been (automatically) enabled.

emem, IRC is really easy to use, and we have people who speak many languages in the channel.


One of the things Mantis allows people to do is determine if it is a problem or not, so posting there is still not a bad idea.

As mentioned above IRC, while primarily English in #ardour, does have representatives of multiple nationalities there, and it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

And finally you can also use the mailing lists as well.


linuxdsp: Thank you for your help