Ardour 3 Export Tempo ISsue

I just finished exporting a 76BPM song but when it was played back the tempo is slightly high. the same is ok with Ardour 2.8. Should i Mantis this?

Ardour can’t change the BPM. How did you measure this?

just by hearing it. When it played with in DAW the tempo is proper but once i exported it the song runs a bit faster. any way i will confirm it once again…

How are you confirming it?

when i playback from Ardour 3 application the tempo of the song if proper but when i export it and listen the i feel the song is running fast ! i was busy with something else so couldn’t reproduce it let me see if i could get a sample.

Is it about 10% fast? You haven’t by any chance, exported it at 44.1kHz and played it back at 48kHz, have you?