Ardour 3 build without debug, and multithread compilation ?

Hi !

I’ve tried different options to get the debuggable = no, but didn’t find out how to.

And also, i don’t know where to specify the -j4, every try led to only one core being used during compilation.

@DEF: debuggable builds are the default, you don’t need to specify anything at all. you also don’t need to specify -jN because waf does this itself. you really only need -jN if you want to reduce the number of cores used. waf builds using N-level parallelism if it detects N cores.


If you don’t want debugging then use ‘–optimize’ in your ./waf configure command.

@DEF: ah, sorry, i misunderstood the question. thankfully GMaq understood it correctly.

Ok for the --optimize, will try soon, thanks.

Still, only one core is used when i compile :/.

@DEF: you should check what python’s concurrency/hardware-counting functions return for your system. waf bases its parallelism on what python is able to determine about your machine. i have 6 cores, and waf always uses 6-way parallelism. on my 4-core build VMs it uses 4-way parallelism. on my dual core Mac Mini, it uses 2-way and on my 4-core Mac Mini, it uses 4 way. So there is something about your system that leads python to think it only has 1 core.