Ardour 3 beta 5 VST avlinux 6 Addictive drums

hello all,

ardour works fine with addictive drums, but when i save a session and restart it there comes an error in ardour log:

[INFO]: LV2: Discovering 148 plugins
[INFO]: Loading menus from /opt/etc/ardour3/ardour.menus
[INFO]: Loaded mixer bindings from /opt/etc/ardour3/mixer.bindings
[ERROR]: unknown Processor type “windows-vst”; ignored
[INFO]: Loading bindings from /opt/etc/ardour3/mnemonic-us.bindings
Loading 0 MIDI patches from /home/sam0th/.config/ardour3/patchfiles:/opt/etc/ardour3/patchfiles
[INFO]: Loading history from /media/GAMES/Linux Musik/default/default.history

and it doesnt load the midi plugin addictive drums dll.

how can i avoid the behavior? the other plugins from system work so far i testet them!

Hi Sam0th,

I stumbled upon exactly the same problem today. Seems to be a bug. The reason for this error is that a type named “windows-vst” is simply not in the code. “vst” is though. If you compiled from source you can add a single line to, fire a “./waf” and everything will be fine.

I’m not sure if this is a dirty hack because I’m a lousy coder myself. If it’s not, it would be great to see it in svn.

Here’s the diff of

< prop->value() == “vst” ||

                                    prop->value() == "vst" ||
  		           prop->value() == "windows-vst" ||

Filed a bug here:

Committed in rev 13625, along with an equivalent change elsewhere.

That’s been quick! Thank you Paul.



Thanks to Mario’s fix and some help at Ardour IRC I have built an updated Ardour3 WinVST AV Linux package that should fix this issue for you and any other AV Linux 6 users of the WinVST build:

Get it here and please report if it works for you:

even after years i wanna say thank you!! i am still using you fine distribution, mx edition now! Thank you!!

Thank you mr davis and its a great honor your supporting so much musician with your work, thank you very much!