Ardour 3 beta 5 download

I’m looking for Ardour 3 beta 5 on. I can not find it anywhere.
Unfortunately, Ardour 3 has no way of payment. Is there a solution, or look for other open music editing program (daw)?
If the final version is not, at least the beta version can be downloaded freely.
(Sorry my english.)
Thanks for response!

There is no “Ardour 3 beta 5”. What platform are you using?

Linux UbuntuStudio 12.04Lts.
The demo received by you is not running with me. Now I’m trying a different one. (x86 or x64)

in KXstudio it is preinstalled.
You might want to give it a try.
You can find the .iso here:

3.5.11 will be released in the next hour, and contains some "hotfixes" to 3 issues that came up in Ardour 3.5. And yes, you must get the correct x86 or x86_64 version, and yes, if it doesn't work file a bug report with a lot more detail.

Thanks for your help and it started working (x86). Unfortunately the midi section of the program keeps crashing: (
It will not be available in Ubuntu software center or a “demo” or the full version, as well as Pay?

I have ubuntu studio 12.04 LTS works great!
I’ve got the KX Studio was constantly a problem.
But that’s just an opinion, and people are hardware dependent.

…whatever rocks your boat :wink: