Ardour 3 and Windows VST (dll's)

Before posting here I tried to find a solution on forums and blog but I had no luck.
I run Arch Linux 64 bits and I have really no idea how to run Windows VST (dll extension).
Is there any step by step tutorial?
I installed my Ardour version (3.5.74) through pacman (pacman -S ardour) so I didn’t any kind of personal compiling.
Linux native plugins run fine.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot for your reply!
Is there any tutorial to compile Ardour with Windows VST support?
I cannot find Windows VST equivalents between Linux native plugins and so I’d like to give a try to .dll support.
I read about Festige as plugins router but I didn’t understand how to arrange and I didn’t find any helpful documentation.
Maybe I’m trying to find a too basic how-to.
Anyway, thanks again!

ive only tested festige a couple of time and hadnt actualy used it with ardour, but id imagine yuou would use an insert on the channel you want to use the vst with. and rout the insert in and outs to the festiges in and outs on that plugin instance using either ardours own patch bay or another patch bay like qjctrl or patchage.

AVLinux comes with a version of Ardour compiled for Windows VST. The creator of AVLinux, who posts as “Gmaq” here, may be able to offer some pointers.

…or you could simply install AVLinux and start making music! (what I did)
See and

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