ardour 3 and external midi keyboard

i have a simple question :slight_smile:
is it possible to play hosted software instruments, for example the “Tal Noise Maker”, via external midi keyboard if the transport is rolling. i only can play the instrument if transport is stopped or if the corresponding midi track is in record state and main record button is pressed. that mean i can only record midi. but i can not play for practise or in live sessions.

thanks in advanced

Ardour 3.0rc1
(built from revision [‘d708f5d6-7413-0410-9779-e7cbd77b26cf’])

This functionality is not supported by Ardour3. During playback, you can either monitor input or disk data, not both. There is already a post-3.0 feature request for “merge monitoring” (for both audio and MIDI).

i don’t know what that revision is based on. if you want support, you should give us a canonical SVN revision number. i did fixes on this stuff recently, so its unclear if you are simply out of date, or if this is not actually fixed. there is no way to tell without the svn rev number.

thx for the quick answer. i build from svn rev: 13842

greetings wolke

How do i configure 16 midi input and output in ardour 3?
in jack i only see midi_in 1 and midi_out 1 in all instruments and i cant find midi program to change bank in each track. Thats how i select my tones in each track with qtractor or i change it direct from keyboard, but if i change tone from the keyboard in ardour3 , all the tracks will change to that tone . I use external yamaha keyboard(yamaha E413). Every other thing works for me. Can you help?

Did you right click on the track headers in the track view, and select “Channel Selector” ? That will change how each track handles the different channels.

@okumedia: i would say that your question is very far from clear. it is unclear whether you are talking about MIDI channels, MIDI input ports, MIDI programs or something else.

I do select chns in each track, i selected psr s900 in each track since mine is psr e413, very similar and from region, i patch the instrument. But the problem is the patch works with only midi channel one. Other channels dont play at all.

okumedia: massively more information is required to diagnose and help. it would be much more appropriate to file a bug report so that we can communicate via something other than a web forum. IRC would be even better (About > Chat in the ardour main menu), but I’m not around on IRC today.

As background, you shoudl understand that MIDI Patch change commands are always channel specific. There is no such thing as a “change all channels” MIDI patch change.

I found alternative. I now use jack virtual midi keyboard to control the patch sound and the channels. works well.

works very well with ardour 3. much happier now