Ardour 3.5 problem with space in file name

Anybody else having a problem with sessions that have a space in the file/folder name? For example, a session named “My Session” -when I try to load it, Ardour says “There is no session at /home/user1/My”

The sessions were created with 3.1 I think…

shaka444: how are you trying to load it? Session > Open ?

No, clicking on the .ardour file.
BTW I found that i can open the session if I remove the space from the folders and filenames… if it helps anyone- make sure you change the folder name in the “interchange” folder too…

shaka444: this is an easy fix.

err, i take that back. this should not happen. the fix i imagined is already in place. this appears to be a problem with the way your file manager/desktop starts up ardour when you click on a .ardour file. If you don’t believe me, try this from a command line /opt/Ardour-<VERSION>/bin/ardour3 “/path/to/file with spaces in name.ardour” (substituting for VERSION appropriately).

I’ve got the same issue with Ardour4 on KX Studio. The command line with quotes around the path doesn’t work either.

The projects do open fine from within Ardour4, it’s just from the command line that there are problems.